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  • RE: Business mileage from home to various sites

    chiparawe... I'm just going to say I'm with you... The answers given are so confusing... In response to my own question on here... I am still non the wiser.... Sending a link to a page is not at all helpful... A simple answer would be good, as to me it's all gibble juba language..
  • RE: Business mileage from home to various sites

    Hi. I have a question, I am a sole trader,( gardener ) Each day I travel from my home to a place of work... Basically I work for the same customers every week on the same day each week. This however can be 4/5/ different address within one day. So let's say on a Monday I travel to my regular Monday lady.. Tuesday to a different location for my Tuesday job... Wednesday to a different area for Wednesdays work... But always the same locations on the Monday... Then the Tuesdays... Ect ect.... I have always assumed that as I travelled to the same places every week this would be classed as commuting ??? Am I right or wrong... Or is this classed as temporary places of work ??? In short I don't know if I can claim milage for the work I do within my traveling from home to job to job to job then home ??? Can anyone give me some advice and help... Much appreciated. 

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