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  • RE: Sole trader working for a maltese client- what country do I pay tax in?

    Thanks for the reply, although some things aren't completely clear still. I'm more referring to employers NIC. I do a self assessment every year and pay my income tax and class 4 national insurance via that for this work. But in relation to class 1 NIC, what do I need to do if this changes to employment, or is classed as employment for tax purposes? Your CEST tool technically deems this as employment for tax purposes (even though it's freelance work). Do I have any liability for class 1/employers NIC in this case? There's no way to pay such an insurance via self assessment, hence I was referring to the DPNI scheme
  • Sole trader working for a maltese client- what country do I pay tax in?

    Hi, I am a UK resident who does IT contracting for a company based in Malta. I operate as a sole trader and have been doing so for 2 years. I have paid tax and national insurance via self assessment. I had a few questions: 1) Do I also owe any tax, NI or anything else in Malta? Or is there a tax treaty which means I only need to pay UK tax? 2) If I were to become a full time employee of the company in the future, who would be responsible for paying employers national insurance? Me or the employer? The Maltese company has no UK tax presence. 3) Following on from 2), would I need a DPNI scheme? Or is that the responsibility of the employer? Thank you.