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  • Does my Hong Kong sole proprietorship business count as foreign income or self employ income?

    Hi HMRC Admin, I am moving from Hong Kong to UK and will have 2 sources of income, 1st from a uk company as a empolyer, 2nd is from my Hong Kong business. 1st income : As I will be employ by a UK company and pay tax via PAYE 2nd income: I have a sole proprietorship business running in Hong Kong, address registered in Hong Kong, and will continue running even I move to the UK, the company is providing consultant service to my client in Hong Kong & China, I will be providing the service remotely from the places I am at, so will be UK once I moved. May I know for this income does it count as FOREIGN INCOME ? or SELF EMPOLY ? If so which tax form is the right one I should fill in for the 2nd source of income? *Business annual turnover HKD280,000 (~GBP28,000) , profit depends on expenses and business cost, profit from last year HKD 30,000 ( GBP 3000) , if i keep the profit in my Hong Kong business bank account, which Tax should I be paying & declare as? Or if I want to move the profit to my UK Bank account, which tax am I be paying and declare as? * If this is count as SELF EMPLOY, do I need to register anything as a sole trader in the UK via HMRC? * As there's profit tax 16.5% in Hong Kong I will be paying for my HK business's profit, do I get the tax credit deduct from the Tax I will be paying in the UK? Thanks so much.