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  • RE: EIS Relief

    Perhaps you can look at this again at this as the response is predicated on the assumption that my Tax Return was filed online, however this is incorrect, it was posted to HMRC in hard copy. The full details of the EIS subscription were in Box 19 'Any Other Information' - will this be sufficient, or do I need to submit further forms containing the same information as is on my Tax Return, but in a different format?. Many thanks.
  • EIS Relief

    On my Tax Return in the 'Other Information' section I set out details of an EIS subscription I had made in the year and asked this to be taken in to account in my Tax Calculation for the year. I have now received my Tax Calculation but the EIS Relief has not been deducted. The accompanying letter letter says the calculation is 'based on figures...before it has been checked'. Should I wait until the calculation has been checked? and if so how long does this typically take? or should I try to reach HMRC to highlight this deduction is missing from the calculation? and if so which is the best way to contact HMRC to highlight this?
  • RE: Interest from Limited Partnership

    Hi, So I think you are saying that because the interest doesn't fall under any of the categories in the link then it does not fall under the personal savings allowance. My further question then is, is this not peer-to-peer lending? Clearly had I lent directly to the trading company it would be and then the interest would fall under my personal savings allowance. However, I have lent to the limited partnership along with many other investors and then the limited partnership has lent the aggregate of this money to the trading company. Similarly, rather than receiving the interest from the trading company directly the trading company pays the limited partnership then the limited partnership distributes that to each of the investors. The substance / purpose of the transaction is I've lent to the trading company, its just the legal form is that I have lent to a limited partnership which has then lent to the trading company.
  • Interest from Limited Partnership

    Hi, I have made a private equity investment in a trading company via a Scottish Limited Partnership and I wonder if the interest I am receiving from the limited partnership falls under my personal savings allowance? I invest alongside many other investors in the limited partnership so have less than a 1% share, and have no involvement in running of the partnership or the business in which it invests. The only asset of the limited partnership is its investment in a trading company and the limited partnership distributes the income it receives, net of tax, to the limited partners. Many thanks.