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  • RE: Roth IRA interest

    thank you
  • RE: Roth IRA interest

    Thank you, that helps. A little confused on the classification of the ROTH IRA though, it's classed as a savings account in the states, not a pension. I don't receive a"pension" from the account, the cash in the account accrues interest and stays in the account along with the balance, until i choose to withdraw it. Does it still mean that it is classed as a pension by the HMRC? Thank you again
  • RE: IRA tax treatment

    dual citizen retired and residing in the UK. I have a ROTH IRA, no stocks, just cash gaining annual interest. Do i have to declare this interest, which is still in the account, on my self assessment?
  • Roth IRA interest

    I'm a dual citizen, US/UK residing in the UK, retired and filing Self Assessment. I have a Roth IRA in the US, no stocks in the account, just cash , which gains annual interest. This is tax free interest in the states. Do i have to report this interest on my self assessment, or is it exempt under Article17/18?