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  • multiple self employment as performer.

    I’m both a piano performer and a music teacher, at the same time an actress and do modeling work (with agent). They are all self employment jobs, but do I declare my income and expenses together? Or do I file them separately? How do I calculate acting agency fees? What expenses can I declare as a self employed online music teacher? Mortgage interest? Hydro? Electricity? Phone bill? Internet? Thank you!
  • less than 1000 no need for UTR?

    Is we make less than 1000 pounds per year, are we not needed to register for UTR?
  • Pre-Trading expenses

    This will be my first time filing taxes as a sole trader. Here's my question: My husband purchased an used grand piano for me in 2022 as a preparation for my piano teaching business, and I started trading in February 2023. Can I claim this expense partially or for my tax return 2022-2023 and another partially in 2023-2024 tax year as a sole trader? What's the difference if I use accrual basis or cash basis?