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  • PM. 25% Tax Free Allowance on Aust Pension Fund.

    Hi HMRC, can someone please just give me a straight answer YES or NO can I take advantage of the 25% tax free allowance from my Pension Pot which is an Australian approved Pension Fund, now as of 2017 we are being told is now being treated the same as UK Super funds for taxation purpose's as all UK pensions so we assume should be OK?? We know balance of the fund after above taken will be subject to 20% tax and can claim Foreign Tax relief on this as already Taxed in Aust when we do our yearly self asscessment. So many different answers coming back on this subject, can't be rocket science, YES or NO if possible please. Regards PM.
  • PM. Lump sum Back Pay from DWP.

    Hi HMRC, my situation have done my Self Accessments for 2022-2023 & 2023-2024 and received confirmation from you. Now I have received a letter last week from DWP saying that both myself & wife have been underpaid for these tax years on our pensions & will be getting refunds to the amount for these years as lump sums, my problem is if I now receive refunds in 2024-2025 tax year then will I have to declare in that tax year ?? but by doing this then will be getting a large tax bill, if I had declared them in the correct tax years when the correct amounts should have been paid then tax would have been a lot less, because of this can I now amend the self ascessments for 2022-23 & 2023-2024 showing the lump sum payments for these years or have to declare 2024-2025. Regards PM.