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  • RE: Split Year Treatment question

    Thank you for the above. From RDRM12150, split year treatment applies as case 4 is relevant to me. My UK part started on 1/7/2022 and my overseas part ended on 30/6/2022. I believe that I qualify for split year. Though I qualify for split year, as I was unemployed and only earned saving interests of under GBP1,000 in the UK part which is below the threshold, in this case, do I need to still report and file tax return?
  • Split Year Treatment question

    Hi, I am a tax resident for year 2022-2023 as I landed in the UK on 1/7/2022. Before this date, I was never a UK resident. During the period from 1/7/2022 to 5/4/2023, I didn't have any income except bank interest which was in total under GBP 1,000. Before I landed in the UK, I lived in overseas and had an overseas employment earning salary. Given that my interest income after 1/7/2022 was below the threshold, do I need to file tax return for 2022-23 and to apply for split year treatment? Thank you.