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  • RE: Self assessment tax return

    Your answers Start again 1. Did you work for yourself between 6 April 2023 and 5 April 2024? No 2. Did you work as an ‘off-payroll worker’? No 3. Did you get a pension? No 4. What was your total income for the year? Between £50,000 and £150,000 5. Did you claim Child Benefit? No, I do not have children or did not claim 6. Did any of your income come from UK property or land? No 7. Did you get more than £10,000 from dividends or savings and investments? No 8. Do you need to pay tax on any of the following? None of these 9. Do you need to pay any Capital Gains Tax? No 10. Did you hold a position that affects how you’re taxed? No Based on these answers: You do not need to send a Self Assessment tax return Based on your answers, you do not need to send a return for 2023 to 2024. You do not need to confirm to HMRC that you will not be sending a return - unless they asked you to send one. If HMRC asked you to send a return If HMRC wrote to you asking you to send a return but you believe you no longer need to, you’ll need to contact them and explain this.
  • RE: Self assessment tax return

    Additional information. I earned as Higher rate (between £50,271 and £125,140) during 2023-2024 tax assessment period.
  • Self assessment tax return

    Good afternoon, I have a question about my self assessment tax return. In Jan 2023 HMRC accepted my pre-settlement scheme that it’s valid for 5 years (it can be renewed). As pre-settlement status I was employed by UK companies in 2023 and 2024. I also worked in UK for 2020-2021-2022 (prepared self assessment tax return as not UK resident). I was offered full-time contracts (Nov 2022-Apr 2023 in London, Jun-Dec 2023 in Leeds, Jan-Dec 2024 in London) for 40 hours/week in payroll inside IR35 and I paid taxes for those employments (P60 and P45 modules for Apr 2023-Apr 2024). I usually can work remotely (not onsite) visiting offices once every month (except annual leave) and I usually stay in UK for about 8-10 days for month. This year, because of health issue in January and part of February 2024, I was physically present in UK for about 50-60 days, other days working abroad. I did work remotely all the time of sickness (around 45 days) as agreed with my Employer because I could not fly to London. Consider that I have a residence in London since Nov 2022. Therefore: - I received only payrolls for my employments (contract as employee) - I did not have other self-Employment, Partnership, UK Property, Foreign Income, Trusts, Capital Gain In the past I prepared self assessment for other 2020-2021, 2021-2022, 2022-2023. Now I received letter from HMRC about self assessment tax return. Due to only employments and relative tax already paid and no other taxable incomes, do I need to prepare self assessment tax return for 2023-2024? Thanks in advance for your support.