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  • Confirmation of tax return receipt

    We sent our paper partnership tax return to HMRC on 26/4/22 however a month later we still have not received any confirmation of receipt by HMRC, not on the government gateway online account, by post nor by email. Is this normal? How long should we expect to wait for a confirmation and how should we expect to receive it? Thanks
  • Partnership Self Assessment

    My wife and I registered a partnership last year so we need to submit a tax return for it. We also need to submit individual self assessment tax returns. Am I correct in thinking for our individual tax returns we can simply use the online form through our Government Gateway accounts but for the partnership we will need to either submit a paper form through the post or use third party software to submit the tax return? Why is it not possible to have an online form for partnerships, the same as for individual tax returns? Also does it matter what sequence the 3 tax returns are submitted? Does the partnership tax return need to be submitted first as the individual tax returns reference the amounts on it? Thanks
  • RE: Business growing into wider areas

    Thank you for your reply. Are there any guidelines as to what can classed as the same trade. All the services could be classed as 'business consultancy' so would this be satisfactory under a single partnership? Also how do I go about changing the name and purpose of the partnership? I tried to do this through my Government Gateway account for the partnership but the there were no editable fields for name and purpose. Would I therefore need to write to HMRC to do this?
  • Business growing into wider areas

    My wife and I started a business partnership last year doing engineering consultancy. We now have the opportunity to do more general business consultancy with non-engineering organisations. Are we able to do this work under the same partnership by changing the purpose of the partnership to something more general like 'business consultancy services' or do we need to set up an additional partnership? When we first registered the partnership we stated the purpose as 'engineering consultancy'.