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  • Return address for SA200

    I have no option but to send my SA200 by post as I don't have a computer. In previous years I have always been told to return the SA200 to BX9 1AS. The notes with the form this year say return to BX9 1LZ. However, the address shown on the top of the SA 200 is still BX9 1AS. HMRC can you tell me why the accompanying notes are telling me to send it to a different address to previous years.
  • Postal address for paper SA200

    I have been submitting an SA200 in paper form for a number of years as I have no computer (a relative is submitting this post for me) I have always posted the forms to PO Box BX9 1AS as instructed. However this years form shows the usual BX9 1AS address at the top of the form but the return envelope enclosed with the form is addressed to BX9 1LZ. HMRC could there be any specific reason for this or was the wrong return envelope enclosed in error. I am concerned my return may finish up in the wrong place and get lost. Will you please ensure I get correct advice as I have already had great difficulty getting this years form in the first place.
  • RE: Paper SA200 return- can't order

    This is the same as I've described in earlier posts. HMRC please refer posts to someone who can get it sorted out. Why were we all told to phone the dedicated phone number. They are not dealing with SA200 cases.
  • RE: Short Paper return required. New "request system" not working. HMRC help needed quickly

    HMRC Please bring these severe problems with forms to the attention of someone who can sort it out. Every time I telephone I am given different information. Waiting 8 weeks for forms and still doubting that they will arrive is totally unacceptable. Untold worry is being caused to those older customers who are least able to cope with it and may well need plenty of time to complete the forms if and when they arrive. Please ensure something is done to review the whole situation. You warn people they will incur a penalty if forms are late but this is totally unfair if we cannot even get the forms in reasonable time.
  • SA100 sent to me after I Phoned HMRC to request it doesn't look right.

    I requested from HMRC a paper SA100 as I cannot file on line. Along with the form I received there was an advice note from a firm called Communisis which refers to the enclosed form as SA100 (MAN) (WEEKLY). I have no idea what this means and my name is not printed anywhere on the form, neither is my address. HMRC, IS THIS A FORM I CAN USE AND WHY AM I RECEIVING ADVICE NOTES? Please do not ask me to telephone as I have spent hours on the phone trying to sort out problems which have arisen since you decided to stop sending out forms. You have been aware for years that I do not have a computer and have previously promised that you would help those who were unable to file on line. Instead I am encountering one problem after another.
  • Requested SA100 by phone as letter from HMRC advised me to do

    I needed a paper tax form and requested this from HMRC as instructed in the letter advising forms would no longer be posted. The SA100 sent to me following my call was exactly the same as the one on HMRC website which is noted " for reference only". It is much shorter than the previous SA 100. Was this sent to me in error or does the SA100 now only go up to page TR8. If the one sent to me is correct why are people told they cannot print the form from HMRC website ? . I have no computer and a relative is sending this on my behalf.
  • SA100 2023 box 11

    I am having to complete an SA 100 in paper form as I do not have a computer. I have received some small pot lump sums from my pension pot, 25% of which is tax free. Am I right in thinking the figure I put in box 11, (under the UK pensions and annuities section), is the total figure MINUS 25%. and in box 12 the amount of tax deducted by my pension provider who will only have taken tax on 75% of the payout. Lastly I have received a monthly pension from my pension pot just for the last three months of the tax year. Where do I show this please?
  • Short Paper return required. New "request system" not working. HMRC help needed quickly

    I do not have a computer ( a relative is typing this for me ) I have been receiving a short tax return by post for a number of years. I was notified shortly before the end of the 22/23 tax year that these would no longer be sent and I would need to phone a dedicated phone line if I needed one. I immediately did so and was told the form would be received in 2-3 weeks. However when it arrived it was not a short form but just part of the SA 100 as shown on the HMRC website as " for reference only". Just about 4 pages non of which were relevant and the accompanying notes were from a totally different year. I then telephoned the Self/Assessment unit and eventually got through after an hour and a half. I explained the situation to a gentleman who checked that it was OK for me to have the short form and said he would ensure it was sent to me, Again told it would take 2-3 weeks to go through the system. That time has now passed and still no form. HOWEVER WHAT I HAVE RECEIVED IS YET ANOTHER LETTER TELLING ME I NEED TO PHONE A DEDICATED PHONE NUMBER IF I NEED THE FORM. I have information which HMRC are awaiting in order to amend my tax code and yet I cannot even get the required form. I have recently been in hospital and what should be a straightforward situation is causing a lot of stress. I have had over 6 weeks of having to go down 3 floors to check my letterbox. I always complete and return my form quickly and this is cutting down the time I have to sort everything out. HMRC please let me know how I can get this form sent without yet another 2-3 weeks wait. Older customers, who like myself do not have a computer, should not be made to go through all this just to get a required form.
  • Self Assessment. small pot payouts declared on tax form.

    I have received some lump sums from my pension pot and the remainder will be paid to me as a regular monthly pension. I am declaring the taxable portion of the lump sums (75%) on my self assessment form. How do HMRC know that these are one off payments and will not be received in coming years. I am concerned they may work out my new tax code assuming I will have this type of income next year. Also, the monthly payments have been received for only the last 3 months of the tax year. Do I include these in the total pension received for the year and how do hmrc know I will be receiving them every month. I do not have a computer which makes things more difficult. A relative is posting this on the forum for me.
  • small pot payments and HMRC sent wrong forms. ( customer with no computer)

    I have a relative who does not have a computer. HMRC have previously posted forms to him every year. However now, if you have no computer, you have to telephone them and ask for forms to be sent. He did this and has been sent the wrong forms The SA 101 (additional information) is dated 2020 and the accompanying notes dated 22/23 bear no relation to the form. He is both employed and self employed and HMRC have previously embodied all the required information in one form. This time, if he is required to use the standard SA100, I will have to print off additional forms for him to use. During this year he has received some small pot pension payments and the SA 101 dated 2020 contains nowhere to enter these. CAN SOMEONE TELL ME IF SMALL POT PAYMENTS, WHERE TAX HAS BEEN DEDUCTED PRIOR TO RECEIPT, NEED TO BE INCLUDED ON THE TAX FORM OR CAN HE IGNORE THEM. If they need to be included where should they be entered on the SA 100 or is another form required. My relative has recently come out of hospital and is finding the time spent trying to get through to HMRC, and then being sent wrong information very stressful. Any help would be greatly appreciated.