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  • RE: Rental Income from Hong Kong Property

    I am not considered tax resident in the year 2022-2023 and have rental income from property in Hong Kong. I registered for self assessment, how should I fill in the form to declare the non-tax residency? Thank you.
  • Non Tax Resident

    I am a non-tax resident in the year 2022-2023. How may I fill in my tax return to tell HMRC my non-tax resident status?
  • Register for self assessment

    I came with BNO visa on 20/11/2022, i.e. stayed 136 days in the tax year 2022-2023. I checked that I has
  • RE: BNO

    Hi HMRC admin, I am planning to come using the BNO visa in November this year with my husband. We would like to ask if we are considered UK tax resident with the below situations during the tax year Apr 2022-Apr 2023: 1) both of us are not employed in UK after we arrived, nor continue being employed by HK firms 2) staying short-term (~1 month) in different towns in UK by AirBnB/hotel (for sightseeing +/- exploring possibility for longer term renting) 3) no other relatives as UK resident in the UK 4) not staying in UK for >90 days in the recent 3 years Thank you very much!