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  • Waiving Pre-paid Self-Assessment Tax

    Dear Sir/Madam, I had worked for an overseas employer for a few months in 2022-2023 Tax Year. I shall report this income in my Year 2022-2023 Tax Self-Assessment. As far as I know, Self-Assessment will estimate a pre-paid tax for the following year (i.e. 2023-2024 Tax Year). Since I am no longer working with that overseas employer for 2023-2024 Tax Year, I am wondering if it is possible to request waiving the pre-paid tax in my Year 20222-2023 Tax Return? If yes, how to do it? Look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you. Tax Year 2022/2023 Tax Year 2023/2024
  • RE: Foreign & UK-based Employers in the same Tax Year

    Hi there, On the top left hand corner of Page 1 of SA100, there is a fill called "Employer reference". As mentioned above, I had two employers in 2021/2022 Tax Year, what I should fill in for this field? Please advise. Thank you.
  • RE: Foreign & UK-based Employers in the same Tax Year

    Thank you for the response. Regarding the salary income from foreign company, does the choice of using "arising basis" or "remittance basis" affect which form (i.e. SA106 or SA102) I should use? I ask this follow-up question because the contents in SA106 look more related to non-salary income (dividend, pension, etc.) from foreign country and the form cited the keyword "remitted" in many places. I was told that, if one chooses filing foreign salary income on "arising basis", SA102 should be completed, instead of SA106? Could you please advise? Thank you.
  • Foreign & UK-based Employers in the same Tax Year

    Hi there, I worked for two companies in Tax Year 2021-2022, one was a foreign company (hence, no UK payroll) and the other was a UK-based company (UK payroll with tax, NI, pension counted and I have P60). Below are my questions in filing my Self-Assessment. 1. Do I need to submit two separate SA102 forms, one for each of these two companies in my Self-Assessment? 2. There is no box for NI in SA102. Is it correct that the amount of NI paid is not counted in tax calculation? 3. Is there any change in "Work From Home Tax Relief" for Tax Year 2021-2022, compared to that for Tax Year 2020-2021? GBP 6.00 per week of work? Look forward to hearing the feedback from HMRC. Thank you.