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  • RE: ISA - transfer and open

    Hi I did not explain my situation completely and clearly and make you misunderstood my condition --in 2023, i put £20000 in Bank A instant cash isa with low interest, now i would like to transfer "This OLD £20000 from 2023" in bank A instant cash isa to a new fixed interest cash isa in bank A now. and i searched in the internet that i am free to transfer previous year ISA into a new cash ISA and this will not count toward the current year allowance and transfer does not count as opening a new one --so in 2024, I would like to open a NEW cash isa in bank B and add £20000 so that i can use THIS YEAR isa allowance £20000 to earn some interest am I allowed to do this?? as i just transfer my old money(2023, £20000) into a new ISA account and open a new account and add this year 2024 £20000 into it. as i found opposite answers from HMRC forum and internet, I would like to ask your help to clarify this situation sorry to bother you so much I appreciate your help and thank you so much for your help!
  • ISA - transfer and open

    Hi -I have an instant access cash isa with £20000 which was added to the account in 2023 in bank A I would like to transfer £20000 to the fixed cash isa which provide high interest rate in the same bank Am I allowed to do this? -After doing this, Can I also in 2024 new tax year, open a new cash fixed isa in bank B and add £20000 into it? As my understanding, I am able to transfer my “old” money (from previous year)without affecting my current year £20000 (current year)allowance, as it does not counted as opening an new account Thank you so much for your help!