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  • RE: Reporting capital gains in Self Assessment

    I'm sorry HMRC Admin 25, you have not answered my question, HS284 explains how to calculate capital gains on shares. I have a good understanding how to do this, my question above, related to reporting of the calculated gains using online self assessment form. The online form asks for the 'purchase date' of the shares you have disposed of. What date do I put if the shares are part of a Section 104 holding. i.e. were purchased on more than one date.
  • Reporting capital gains in Self Assessment

    I need to report Capital Gains on Shares on my Self Assessment. The self assessment form asks me for the date I purchased the shares, as these shares are part of a Section 104 Holding, with shares in the holding purchased quarterly over the last 10 years, what date do I enter?
  • Capital Gains Tax Rate for none Tax Payer

    As a none tax payer, I have just sold some shares so assume I will pay capital gains tax on gains above £12,300 at 0% upto reaching my personal allowance and then 10% on the remainder.
  • Capital Gains on US Shares

    I have incurred a gain through ownership and subsequent sale of shares in a US company. I have not incurred any US Tax on the gain from these shares. Can you please confirm that I should report in GBP these gains in the Capital Gains section of the SA.