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  • RE: Personal allowance deducted by "Untaxed Interest on Saving"

    Webchat is useless just computer generated info directs you to government gateway account where you can only ADD untaxed revenue if you have a query about your untaxed savings interest being wrong you have to either phone (good luck on that one) or write which I personally have not tried yet but am going to have to from now
  • RE: Tax on savings interest

    Hi in response to your reply I have been looking at other threads and on the reporting interest thread one of the replies to lordray says the system assumes you will have the same amount this year and are paying in advance This is what I think is my situation but if I don't owe anything from last year so why am I being asked to pay in advance for this year And also if you normally notify people automatically of tax code changes (I assume this is computer generated) by sending a P2 why did I not receive one something doesn't seem right
  • Tax on savings interest

    I have a pension and some savings interest but in total they fall below my tax allowance so I shouldn't be paying any tax but for some reason you have reduced my tax code to take into account tax on savings that I don't owe A side issue is that I was never informed about a change in my tax code I found out when I was checking a payslip from my pension provider how can that be right