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  • Private SIPP Pension

    Would be grateful if you can clarify the confusion regarding putting money into a private SIPP pension after receiving income above £50k: 1) Will putting money into private SIPP pension means it will reduce the taxable income as the tax will be calculated on the earnings left after SIPP pension payment? 2) Or does it reduce the tax bills by increasing the 20% tax rate thresholds level above 50k by the amount of pension payment made? 3) Or are the benefits just only seen with topping up of the private pension contributions by the pension scheme/government and these benefits seen on withdrawing money after retirement? Thank you
  • RE: Deed of Assignment for BTL property

    Thank you HMRC for the response. Can you confirm if I can execute the changes indicated by the deed of assignments into action from the day it is witnessed and signed or will have to wait for verification/confirmation from hmrc on their assessment of it before I execute the deed?
  • RE: Deedof Assignment of Beneficial Interest

    How long does it take for hmrc to note and acknowledge the deed of assignment?
  • RE: Deed of Assignment for BTL property

    Hi Can you confirm what address to send HMRC this deed of assignment to? Can you also confirm how long will it take HMRC to respond to execute this deed? i.e. confirm the deed of assignment has been accepted and is valid? Thank you, Lisa