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  • Tax Treatment for Self-Assessment

    I lived and in the UK for 5 years from July 2018 - June 2023. After June 7, 2023 I relocated back to Canada (my home country) permanently with my partner. I'm having a company file my UK taxes for the most recent tax year (April 6, 2023 - April 5t, 2024) but I'm unsure whether I need to declare my income for JUST the period of April 6 - June 7, 2023, or if I need to declare my income for the entire year even after I left the UK? In the last tax year I only I was only physically in the UK for 53 days, and I worked less than 28 days between April 6, 2023 - June 7, 2023. I made over £1000. I have no ties remaining in the UK as I do not own property, I do not have immediate family in the UK, and I'm self-employed in Canada. Previous employers started a pension for me but I won't have access to for 30+ years. My question is, am I considered a "non-resident" for 2023 - 24 and if I need to file a self-assessment? If I do need to file a self-asessement, do I declare the income I made when I lived in the UK only or do I need to declare my income for the entire tax year? If I'm considered a "Split Tax Year", I have the same question. Do I need to declare my income for the entire year (even the portion after I left the UK indefinitely or just the portion of time I was living in the UK?