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  • RE: Moving abroad keeping UK job

    In Spain for example it is possible to apply for a digital nomad visa,  As It says here, it is required from HMRC a document: A1 form issued by HMRC: FOR EMPLOYEES: Certificate confirming you will pay UK National Insurance when working temporarily abroad (CA3822)

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  • Moving abroad keeping UK job

    Hello, I am planning to move abroad, to Spain. I would like to keep my job. My employer wants me to continue working with them. I can work remotely for them as I am a software developer. I called today to HMRC and they told me that it is possible filling the form P85. As I am going to be living in Spain and will be resident there, I would have somehow to pay the taxes there. But my idea is to keep my current UK job if possible, as my company does not have a registered company in Spain. Could you give me some documentation or some information about this? Could you confirm if what I was said by phone it was correct? I need to give my employer some information about this. Thanks