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  • CGT if asset value is less than £49,200 and taxable gains less than £12,300

    In the 2021-22 tax year I made 2 disposal of shares with a combined value of less than £49,200. The combined taxable gains on the disposals were less than £12,300. The online Self-Assessment says than I do not have to complete the capital gains section. Do I need to report the disposals and send the calculations to HMRC in any other way? Or simply there is nothing for me to do or report as the disposals were below the set threshold? Thanks
  • RE: CGT on EIS shares sold within 3 years

    In it benefits others... I have now spoken with someone from the technical support team and they confirmed that: You must write to HMRC within 60days of the disposal and they will then raise a charge for the tax relief you had been given previously. A simple letter with the details of the disposal is sufficient. This cannot be done via Self-Assessment as it pertains to a past tax period. In the current tax year you fill in the info related to the CGT you're liable for
  • Declaring gifted crypto

    I have gifted some crytpo to my spouse. Do either her or myself need to declare/report the gift on our self-assessment or to HMRC in any other way (the crypto is still in my wife's possession as she has not sold it, so no gain/loss has been yet realised). Thanks
  • CGT on EIS shares sold within 3 years

    Hi, In Mar-22 through an early exit, the shares I held in a start-up where sold. I had previously obtained EIS tax relief (30%) on that investment. The initial investment was £500, and I had obtain £150 tax relief. The sale proceeds were £1000. As the shares were sold before the end of the 3 year period, I wanted some help/guidance on how to treat the disposal and tax relief withdrawal in my self-assessment. As this is new a situation, any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Mirco