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  • Do I need to submit these expenses on a P11D?

    Hi, I am the director and only employee of a limited company I set up in February last year. It would be much appreciated if someone can tell me if I need to complete a P11D before 6th July for the following expenses over the financial year 2023-2024 that I re-imbursed myself for from the company bank account: 1-year PLI (Personal Liability Insurance) cover at a cost of £142 Several return train journeys to customers at a total cost of £185 Food (snacks) at a total cost of £52 Car mileage in my own car to customers (88 miles at 45p per mile). Thank you. Kind regards, 
  • Help requested with 'Profit and loss' page in the CT600 online form

    Hi, I have just completed my first financial year as a micro-entity UK limited company, and I am the only director and employee. I received 8 payments from 8 invoices (all UK customers), and have some travel expenses too. I mistakenly didn't register for payroll to pay myself a salary and keep the profit down, so I ended up paying myself a single dividend instead at the end of the year, and it means I now have to pay corporation tax on the profit. I am currently trying to fill out the CT600 but have a query about the figures I need to enter on the 'Profit and Loss' page, especially the 'Tax on Profit' box (AC34). Could someone kindly confirm which boxes I need to fill in and what figures I need to enter in those boxes? Turnover was £4478 Total Expenses was £422 So profit is £4056 I believe I will have to pay corporation tax at 19% which I calculate is £771 I paid myself a single dividend of £3285 which I need to report on a self assessment tax return. I put the following figures on the CT600 'Profit and loss' page and would like to know if I have done it correctly: £4478 in Turnover box AC12 £422 in the 'Other Charges' box AC425 (is this where my expenses go?) £771 in the 'Tax on Profit' box AC34 When I enter these figures in those boxes, the online form calculates the 'Profit (or Loss)' value as £3285 at the bottom of the page, which is the figure I was expecting but I'm still just wondering if I've filled this form out correctly! I did ask a couple of local and online accountants for a quote to to do my first year figures but they all quoted around £1000 + VAT, which seems excessive to me to sign off and fill in a CT600 for just 8 customer payments and a few train travel and food receipts, so i am trying to do it myself. Thanks.