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  • RE: Cryptocurrency airdrop

    HI how about capital gain tax? or any other tax i need to pay for this situation?
  • file income for april

    Lets say the payment date for salary in April 2023 is on the 30th April 2023, should I file the payment of the 5 days (1-5 April) to tax year 2022-2023 or file the payment of the whole month of April to the tax year 2023-2024?
  • RE: Gain and losses in day trade for index

    HI May i know where i can find more information regarding how to file to day trade gain and loss? is it related to what kind day trade i am operating? is there definition of "day trader" from HMRC? if i only have loss but no gain in the year, do i still need to file the loss ? and sorry i cannot find any information related to the allowance of £49200, can you provide soruce for further study?
  • Gain and losses in day trade for index

    HI, I haved engaged in day trading for UK and Hong Kong index in the year of 2022/2023. let's say i performed 50 trades per day, and there are 30 trades with total gain 50GBP and the other 20 trade with total loss 100GBP and so the overall loss will be GBP50, May i know: 1. do i need to file tax return based on the gain/loss on every trade or based on gain/loss daily, monthly, or yearly? 2. do i need to file tax return under capital gain tax for those 30 trades? 3. for those 20 trades with loss in GBP100, how can I report to HMRC and can this offset any tax?