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  • SA109 form

    Dear Sir /Madam, I have posted two SA109 forms( my wife and mine ) in the Sandicare post office on 1 Oct 2022 by a signed for 2nd service. However , when I track it online today, there is still no update about the delivery, May I ask is HMRC receive the letter or not? Thanks you. 

    [Tracking number removed - Admin] 
  • how to calculate PAYE and NI A

    Dear Sir/Madam, My monthly pensionable pay is 1572.5 and monthly taxable pay is 1484.44. May I know how to work out for the amount of my PAYE (89.4) and NI A ( 69.5) in the payslip? Thank you. Regards, 
  • change of tax code

    Dear Sir/Madam, I have received a tax code notice from HMRC, it told me my tax code is changed from 1257LX to 1243LX for 6 Apr2022 to 5 Apr2023 and my estimated owed tax is 20.8 pounds. May I know why my tax code is changed? Also, why there is a owed tax, where it comes from? Thank you. Regards, Eric WC
  • non-UK Resident Stamp Duty Land Tax surcharge

    Hi, I have applied repayment of the non-UK Resident Stamp Duty Land Tax surcharge in February 2022 and the HMRC said that they are aim to respond within 35 calendar days. However, I cannot receive any feedback until today, may I ask what should I do? Thnaks. Regards, Eric
  • RE: CWF1 form

    Hi, I have contacted the HMRC hotline last week and the customer service advisor told me to ignore this letter and she has not find record for my self employed. I am puzzled and still worrying about it even they told me to ignore it.
  • Split year treatment?

    Hi, My wife and I arrived UK in July 2021. We have sold the property and shares before enter UK. Also, we still holding some US stock now and have dividends sometimes ( not much and still keep in the account). May I know how can we apply the split year treatment? Thank you! 
  • Tax refund

    Hi, I arrived in UK in July 2021 and my tax code is 1257L. However, at the beginning of my second part time job , the tax code for my first 3 payslip is incorrect and therefore , the income tax is deducted more than usual. I would like to ask, am I entitled to claim back the extra income tax? How can I do it? Thank you! Regards, Eric WC
  • CGT for HK Property and shares

    Hi, I arrived in Uk in July 2021 and I sold my property and shares in HK before enter UK . Am I need to pay tax on them ? In addition, I still holding some US stocks now and have dividends ( not much), how can I declare this to HMRC? Thank you! Eric WC
  • UTR number

    Hi , My wife and I have submitted the SA1 form for register for self assessment but do not receive the UTR number yet. I would like to know when can we receive it? By post or email? Thank you! Eric WC
  • CWF1 form

    Hi everyone, I received a letter from HMRC , it stated that HMRC receive my form CWF1 , “ becoming self-employed and registering for National insurance contributions and / or tax”. My question is , I am not a self employed person, I have done 3 part times since arrived in UK last July , Also, I didn’t sent this form to HMRC. Why will it happen and what should I do now? I have web chat with the agent yesterday and he told me to ignore this letter and no need to do anything but I am still worrying about it and afraid of penalty. Regards,