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  • Report Capital Gain online

    Dear HMRC admin, I am filing a Self Assessment tax return online, I would like to seek your advice when entering under the Section of Capital Gains. Since in "Tailor Your Return" section, I answered "Yes" to "If you disposed of any chargeable assets, or had any chargeable gains, or you wish to claim..., do you need to complete the Capital Gains section?" However, after answering all the following questions with "No" in that section then click "Save and Continue" go to next page. It told me that "Not required to complete capital gains section". 1) Did you dispose of chargeable assets worth more than £49,200 ? (No) 2) Are losses deducted? (No) 3) Are your taxable gains more than £12,300 ? (No) 4) Did you want to claim an allowable capital loss or make any other capital gains claim or election for the year? (No) Question 1: I do not fulfil the criteria of questions No. 1 & 3. However, I would like to report my capital gain even it if was only a small amount of £250 chargeable gains by using online Self Assessment, what should I do? It seems that I could not enter any figure to report those amount. Please advise, Question 2: Or I should delete the section of Capital Gain and then by answering "No" in "Tailor Your Return" ? Awaiting your reply with thanks.
  • Claim a tax refund

    Hi HMRC Admin, My case: After my employer gave me a P45, I received my arrears of casuals holiday pay with Income Tax deducted of 45 pounds . This figure is also be reflected under the Section of " View and print Income Tax and employment history" in my personal tax account. My point is I should not be deducted of 45 pounds since I did not exceed the personal allowance during 2022-2023 year. Now, I am filing a self assessment online, I would like to claim back that overpaid tax. Under which section, I can ask to claim a refund. What kind of information do I need to give? Or you will send me back a cheque? Thanks.