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  • Tax Credit

    Hello, Is it possible to claim a tax credit (20% of mortgage interest payments) from a previous year? i.e. if I did not claim them last year, would I be able to claim them this year to be added to this year's tax-credit (a total of two years) tax credit? Thanks
  • RE: Filling for a past year tax return

    Hi, thanks for your reply. The self-assessment account only shows the 2022-23 option. Could this maybe because the person wasn't registered before this year? And how to solve this? One more question: is the £100 penalty per year or per late filing (could be for more than one year)? Thanks
  • RE: Self-employed \ Property Income

    Hi, But I understand it is a business in my case here, as written here Running a property business {You have to pay Class 2 National Insurance if your profits are more than £12,570 a year and what you do counts as running a business, for example, if all the following apply: being a landlord is your main job you rent out more than one property you’re buying new properties to rent out]. Pls clarify ..
  • RE: Filling for a past year tax return

    Hi, thanks for the information. Can you pls advise on how to file a previous year online? And how much would the penalty could be?
  • Self-employed \ Property Income

    Hello, I have registered to HMRC - UK property income SA105 already and trying to file my self-assessment tax return now. I am a little bit confused and would appreciate your help. I run my own property business. It is my only full-time job. As far as I am aware, HMRC would consider this self-employment, and I can pay NI class 2. When I try to fill in the self-assessment, self-employment and rental income are two different sections. If I answer the question (Was your turnover more than £1,000 in total from all self-employments?) by yes, I have to add the earned amount later, then I would be also asked about (Did you receive income from UK land and/or property (including income from foreign property) over £1,000? ) and when I answer yes I would be also asked to add the earnings which make two entries for the same amount I earned. It seems to me that the only way is to delete the whole section of self-employment and only add the rental income section, which seems to disqualify me from Class 2 NI. My taxed earning is less than 11,900, and I am supposed to have NI class 2 treated as paid. Kindly advise on how to proceed with this. I would like to treat it as a self-employment business rather than just an additional rental income, as it is my only and main business.
  • Filling for a past year tax return

    Hello, If someone is filing a self-assessment tax return for this year 22-23 as year 1, is there any option to go back one more year and file for the year 2021-22, too? And will there be a penalty for the late tax return filing for 2021-22, considering that there will be no tax to pay? Thanks
  • Gift from abroad!

    Dear HMRC advisor, I am aware that gifts are not subjected to income tax. My question is if I have to declare the gift to HMRC when I file my tax return and if I would be asked to provide evidence that the amount received was a gift. The gift will be from abroad. I look forward to hearing from you
  • RE: Receiving money from abroad

    Thanks for the information. Could you please clarify if I am legally required to declare gifts to HMRC? if yes, how? and would they require evidence that the amount was a gift, if yes, what kind of evidence? Thanks
  • RE: Receiving money from abroad

    THANKS FOR YOUR ANSWER. To double-check, this amount won't be a gift. It is a load and I have to pay it back later. Does this change anything? Thanks
  • Receiving money from abroad

    Hello, Do I pay tax OR have to declare money I receive from abroad as a loan from a friend? Thanks