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  • RE: CGT Query

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  • RE: CGT Query

    This is a private/personal membership for discounted holidays. You book a holiday in one of the resorts and get it at a discounted price. The holiday company want to buy the membership back. I have tried contacting your help line but they couldnt answer the question or direct me to any guidlines. Legislation is not clear.
  • HMRC Error

    Payroll evidence shows all RTI correct but HMRC have now sent a tax bill for 2017/18 asking for tax but they have added 2 peoples income together and applied the other persons to me. Cant get anywhere by telephone calls and the information by the employer was sent correctly. My income was less than £10000 but say I owe tax on mearly an extra £38,000 which is someones elses wages. How do I sort this out?
  • CGT Query

    Would CGT be applied to selling a membership that gives discount on holidays?
  • RE: Stamp Duty Land Tax

    Your guidance does not seem to cover auction fees or sourcing fees. Do these incur SDLT charges?
  • RE: Training Courses

    Was talking as a self employed or a limited company.
  • RE: Income from property

    The limited company owns the property. What do you mean by ownership rights to enable the director to take the rental income? No arrangements have been made.
  • Training Courses

    I understand that if you are trained in a skill you may claim expenses of improving your skill. If you go to a free event say about options for making income from property (BTL, SA, FHL etc). If you then buy a course for one of these is that then an expense against tax as you have just learned a bit from an online event? Or does the personal development refer to actually trading already in that strategy? These course providers are advising it is a tax deductible expense.
  • Income from property

    What happens if a limited company owns a residential property and the director takes the rental income as his and includes it on self assessment?
  • Stamp Duty Land Tax

    HMRC: chargeable consideration for a land or property transaction is what has been given in order to acquire the property. This includes fees which have to be paid in order to acquire the property Does this include fees such as Sourcer fees or Auctions Fees?