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  • P45 vs Starter Checklist

    Hi, I began working for an agency a month ago. When i started at the agency i filled out a Starter Checklist form as i didn't have my P45 to hand. I finally received my P45 from my previous employer a few days ago. The firm i'm currently working for through the agency have said they'll give me a contract in 2 months time. Is it still best to give the agency my P45 now even though i'll be leaving them in 2 months time, or should i hold onto it and give it to the firm when i eventually get set on in 2 months time? Thanks.
  • Claiming a tax rebate on a pension lump sum death benefit

    After my Dad died last year I came across a small unclaimed pension. It wasn’t nominated to anyone to receive it, so I claimed the pension lump sum death benefit as (his son) & as the executor of the estate. The payment was taxed at 45% by the provider at source. I phoned HMRC to ask whether it’d possible to claim any kind of tax rebate on this, & was told to write in, but I’ve not heard anything back yet. Even though the payment was made to me, would it actually have been made to the estate? If so & there was potential for a rebate, would it involve me claiming tax back from the estate using my own personal allowance? And does this mean it wouldn’t involve Dad’s personal allowance as that would’ve obviously ended when he died? Thanks in advance for any advice.