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  • Travel expenses- Flights and Subsistence expenses

    Hi I have properties to let in the UK but I reside abroad ('Non-domiciled'). Last tax year I have had no letting agency, so I should have traveled to the UK every now and then -for maintenance or to address various issues. Two queries: 1. When I travel to the UK by flights and it's “wholly, exclusively and necessary"- all related to my rental properties. Can I deduct the the cost of the flight? 2. When I stay in the UK (Always for a few days “wholly, exclusively" related to my rental properties)-How does it work with the subsistence expenses: A. Is it deductible? B. Should I keep all the receipts / invoices (Or is it Per diem? Namely there's a fixed amount? And if so- what's the daily allowance?) Kind Regards Ginosar