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  • Working for a UK-based company remotely from an EU country?

    Context: With permission from my employer, I've moved / started to work remotely from EU (Romania). From my understanding, it is perfectly fine (as in you don't need to do anything) if you stay up to 6 months. From what I gathered, after those 6 months, you are considered a resident to that country (in this case - Romania) and need to start paying taxes there. What is unclear to me is that UK and Romania have a so-called "Double Taxation" treaty. To note: - I have a UK NI / bank account / citizenship (I've lived in UK for 8 years) - I don't have a EU-RO bank account - I have RO citizenship as well My question is: 1. After those 6 months, do I need to pay all of my taxes in both UK and Romania? 2. If not, can I decide to which country can I pay my contributions (I would like to continue with paying my taxes in UK)? 3. Do I need to make special arrangements after those 6 months? Thank You!