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  • Flexible Cash ISA

    I have two Flexible Cash ISAs currently: (1) Opened in Jan 2023 (tax year 2022/2023) £20k – A provider (2) Opened in Jun 2023 (tax year 2023/2024) £20k – B provider 1. Can I withdraw all the money out from these two ISA acounts in Feb 2024 and put it back to these two ISA accounts 2. Will it lose any tax benefits? 3. Will it reduce my current year’s allowance? Reference: "" If your ISA is ‘flexible’, you can take out cash then put it back in during the same tax year without reducing your current year’s allowance. Thanks
  • RE: SA102 - foreign income from a job

    Hi HMRC, I have a similar situation with KN. As you mention that if not claiming any Foreign Tax Credit Relief then just put details in the additional information section to confirm that the employment declared on SA102 is a foreign employer. May I confirm where is the additional information section you mention? is it on the SA100 Page TR 7. Please correct me if I wrong. Thanks.
  • RE: Foreign interest and dividends

    As stated as above, if I received the foreign interest or foreign dividends in my non-UK accounts or non-UK banks, when I am a Tax-Resident. And the total foreign interest and foreign dividends are less then £2,000. I have to fill in the SA106, Page F2, "Interest and other income from overseas savings" & "Dividends from foreign companies". Then I have a several questions: 1. On the SA100, page TR2, Box 5. Foreign, should I put "X" in the "Yes"? 2. On the SA100, Page TR3, do I require to fill in any boxes in "Income" part? or just leave it blank? 3. On the SA106, Page F2, should I fill in the part of "Income from overseas sources"? 4. If the total amount of interest in a foreign account within a tax year is less than £1, do we still need to report to HMRC and fill in any form? Thank you
  • RE: Split year treatment

    Hi HRMC Admin, I landed to UK on 4 Aug 2021 by using BNO visa (over 183 days in 2020-21). I become a UK tax resident on 4 Aug 2021. I had a job in Hong Kong and worked until 1 Aug 2021. After arrival to UK, I have no job unit now. My Hong Kong employer paid me my last wages and credit into my bank account on 10 Aug 2021, which I have already become a UK tax resident. If I qualify for split year then I am only reporting the income for the UK part of the year. I do not need to report the income prior to arriving in the UK. However, my situation is that my Hong Kong wages credit into my account after I become a UK tax resident. Do I have to submit the self assessment and report my Hong Kong last wages, which credit into my account on 10 Aug 2021, to HMRC? if Yes, I will fill in the SA109 to apply split tax treatment. Then -on the SA100, page TR2, should I put "X" in "Yes" box "1 Employment" or "5 Foreign" -do I have to fill in the SA102? (i.e. My Hong Kong Employer don't have P45 or P60, PAYE tax reference)