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  • Property Income from Japan - Double Taxation

    Hi team, I am a UK tax resident. If I have rental income from property in Japan, and if I have already paid the property rental income tax to Japanese government, do I still need to declare this property income from Japan to HMRC UK when submitting self assessment? (I am not sure if I have to pay double tax for this foreign rental income ?) Thanks
  • RE: Distribution of surplus funds from an organisation which is dissolved

    Dear team, I have read through HS265 but found that it is not relevant. I would like to clarify that the "fund" I have mentioned in my original message is not referring to a financial product for investment. The meaning of the "fund" is referring to the money that still holds in the bank account of the dissolved organisation / company. The money is the surplus money leftover from its daily operations (such as collecting membership fee, etc). Due to it is dissolved, it is now distributing the leftover money to its members evenly. So would you please clarify again if the organisation / company is now dissolved and it is sending me their leftover cash money from their bank account, shall I report this money as income or dividend for self-assessment? Thanks.
  • Distribution of surplus funds from an organisation which is dissolved

    Hi team, I was a member of an oversea organisation and it is now just being dissolved. If the organisation is distributing surplus funds to me after it dissolved, shall I report this fund as income or dividend for self-assessment? Thanks
  • RE: Self Employed Courier Delivery Driver

    Dear team, thanks for your advise. Based on the situation above, does it mean I do not need to tell HMRC I was self-employed for 1 day only and already stopped the self-employment? (I have never registered as self-employed before) Thanks!
  • Self Employed Courier Delivery Driver

    Hello, I have provided delivery driver service to a courier delivery company for only 1 day under self employment term during the previous tax year (2022 - 2023) I only get payment of 6 pounds from the company, and my self employment already stopped before 5th April 2023. This 6 pounds is my only self employment income during the tax year, In this case, when I am processing self assessment, may I know if it is necessary for me to register with HMRC as self employed? (I understand I do not need to pay for National Insurance as my self employed income is only 6 pounds) Thanks.