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  • RE: Transfer of Personal Allowance - husband and wife

    Dear Admin 25, Thanks for your feedback and reply. As for Marriage Allowance, do I have to apply it separately via government gateway before I submit this year's tax return (ie paper submission on Oct 31, 22 and e-submission Jan 31. 24)? More, in which form (eg SA100) I need to indicate that I have already applied for marriage allowance for current year tax return? Appreciate your reply and guidance. Thanks
  • Foreign Currency Exchange Rate - Pls kindly tell me

    Dear Sir/Madam, I know that we need to convert foreign currency interest earnings into GBP in my tax return. On HMRC website, there are 3 exchange rates for me to choose from ie (1) monthly rate (2) average rate and (3) spot rate. Pls kindly help clarify the following: (Qa) Do I need to adopt a consistency rate on all my calculations? either using (1) or (2) or (3) but not all of them? (Qb) For average rate, HMRC only provides 2 papers in a year (in March and Dec), Does it mean I have to take Dec 2022 paper for calculating interest earnings between April - Dec 2022 and use March 2023 paper for interest earnings between Jan - Apr 23? (Qc) As for spot rate, I can only find 2 papers in the website (March and Dec versions). Is the calculation principal same as Q2? How come I cannot find Singapore Dollar in the tables? Where can I find the exchange rate if it is not listed in the Spot Rate table? By the way, under what circumstances should people take "Spot Rate" in their calculations? (Qd) More importantly, after consolidate all my calculations, am I allowed to choose whatever amount is the "lowest" in my tax return? Look forward to hearing your reply and feedback. Thanks in-advance for your kind assistance and guidance. Cheers
  • Starting rate for savings

    Hi Sir/Madam, Grateful if you could tell more on “Starting Rate of Saving”. What is the difference between “saving allowance” and “staring rate of saving”. Who is eligible for starting rate of GBP5000? Thanks for your reply. Cheers
  • Marriage Allowance - apply at current tax year

    Hi, Just want to know how marriage allowance works I understand that I can apply for a marriage allowance for tax year 22/23 and not sure whether I need to send in my application together with my tax return on or before Oct 31, 2023. Pls kindly help. Appreciate your reply. Thanks,
  • Transfer of Personal Allowance - husband and wife

    Hi, I would like to know whether I could apply to transfer my personal allowance to my husband. Under what circumstances could I apply for such transfer? Which Form should I fill in?Appreciate your guidance and help. Cheers
  • T via online platforms

    Hi, I would like to submit my tax return online and would like to apply for a split-year tax treatment as well, However, the official HMRC e-platform does not allow me to submit a SA109 Form . Therefore, I need to turn to a HMRC approved 3rd party online platform to submit my tax return. Pls help clarify the following: (1) If I opt for online submission via a 3rd party paid-platform, my tax return deadline as a whole (including SA 109 and others) is Jan 31, 2024? (2) Can I submit SA 109 in paper form (by post to HMRC before Oct 31, 2022) and submit other forms via HMRC e-flatform before Jan 31, 2024? Please kindly tell. Thanks and regards
  • Split Year Treatment - case 4 and case 8

    Dear Sir/Madam, I am eligible for apply for a split year tax treatment in 2022/23. Grateful if you could help clarify my status: 1. I arrived UK on June 24th, 2022. I have no UK tie before I arrived. 2. I own no overseas properties before I came to UK. 3. I signed up a tenancy agreement in UK on July 1, 2022 and it was my only home in UK As case 4 and case 8 also tell only "UK home". I read through HMRC notes and still unable to tell which is my priority. Which case should apply for? Thanks for your guidance. Cheers
  • RE: Split Year Start Date

    Dear Sir/Madam, Simply to follow up my previous query in split-year tax return: I will divide my earnings into two parts: (a) Overseas (April 6 - June 30, 2022) (b) UK (July 1 ,2022 - April 5, 2023) Am I correct to say that I need to do the calculation "manually by myself" and only summit the (b) part in my tax return, no matter I will be using a paper or electronic tax return? Thanks
  • RE: annuity payouts and unrealized insurance policy “interest and earnings”

    Dear Sir/Madam, Thanks for your feedback. Please kindly help further clarify based on my previous enquiries: (1) I have to report tax duty on the monthly payout to HRMC. How should I treat it , as "interest income" or "dividend"? (2) and (3) We decided to rollover "cash value" for those policies even upon maturity. Is it correct to say that we need to report to HMRC if happened to be ANY "money or interest withdrawal" in the years to come? Thanks for clarification and advice. Cheers
  • RE: Tax on Capital Gain via Foreign Exchange

    Dear Sir/Madam, No need to reply on this thread as I have got an answer already. Sorry to disturb you. Cheers