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  • RE: Claim a Tax Refund If You’ve Stopped Work (P50 form)

    Thank you for the response. Like I stated, I contacted the Income Tax team, but the agent was unable to give me a clear answer. I asked to get the calculations and reasons used to come to the conclusion that there was no refund due, the agent just said you guys don't send the calculations out to the tax payer, which I found weird. Hence I am trying to get assistance here
  • Claim a Tax Refund If You’ve Stopped Work (P50 form)

    I stopped working in Dec 2023 to date. I have note received any other income except the income from employer up to Dec 2023. I submitted P50 form online but hot a response that there is no refund due. How is this possible, because when I recalculated tax due vs what was paid as up to Dec 2023, it seems that I should get a refund. Called the number given on the letter received but the agent I spoke to was unable to give me clear reason why I was not due refund. Is it possible that the calculations done by HMRC to determine that no refund is due be shared with the tax payer so that I can understand why there is no refund? Thanks. P.S. no, I am not claiming any other benefits