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  • RE: Overpaid tax

    Great, I see it now and have requested payment, many thanks!
  • RE: Overpaid tax

    Thanks but how do I do this please?
  • Overpaid tax

    Hi, I just filled in my self-assessment tax return and it says I have an overpayment from tax return for tax year ending 05 April 2022 of £600 then it says below Date: 31 Jan 2023, I'm guessing that means I will have to wait until this date to receive my overdue tax? Thanks in advance
  • Overdue pay from job

    This is slightly strange but I have noticed that my employer (I am a high school teacher) has not been paying me the correct hourly wage for the past five years. It's been a system error with some code I have been told. Now that my employer and my union are hopefully on it and I have been told that I will be due a lot of overdue pay in the form of five years worth how would that work in terms of tax? I am assuming that the employer will have to dump the large sum in tomy bank account but if they do that I will be taxed a lot since it is a large amount? Surely not if I was entitled to this money each year and expected to be taxed accordingly each month as it wasn't my fault that they messed up... Thanks in advance