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  • RE: CHIEF UK Export - EXW Incoterm

    Ex- works - Company B pick up goods at the door of company A, company A do not have any involvement in the export, it is up to company B to take care of everything. If B are not established in the UK then they cannot be the exporter and it is not likely the agent will act. Ex-works is not a good idea, B will ask you for to issue an invoice with No VAT as an export but you do not have any proof the goods have left the UK and therefore may be held liable.
  • obtaining previous Postponed VAT certificates

    We have some missing PVA certificates, there is the option on Government gateway to ask for Statements older than 6 months, I have selected this option twice but have not received a reply. Has anyone else actually received previous statements. thanks.
  • RE: Sending Food Samples to Europe

    If the food contains animal products it requires a health certificate and therefore hauliers will not take those goods without a health cert as they will be stopped at the border control point in the EU.
  • RE: Import declarations by couriers (imports into GB from the EU)

    The problem is that the FPO just do as they like to clear the goods, as fast as possible and have no regard for any origin issues. Added to this I find in most cases the first we know about such an import will be when it appears on the MSS. The FPO do not ask how we want to clear, someone in the factory orders a part from our UK agent then we find it has been posted from an address in the EU. The parts just arrive and by then it is too late to say please don't use importers knowledge! HMRC should be taking this up with the FPOs to get a uniform approach.
  • RE: To PIVA or not to PIVA

    Not sure why you think PIVA has a low take up, you just tell your broker or customs agent (includes DHL, UPS etc) you want to operate PIVA and as long as goods are from EU they do the rest. Option 3. register for CDS then you can download your PIVA statement from your government gateway account linked to your EORI. Who is going to be the importer into UK? You will need a UK EORI and UK VAT number to be the importer of records, if you are not established in the UK then that may not be possible.
  • RE: Export from UK to EU for Non-VAT registered company

    If you goods have UK origin eg made in the UK then you need to state they are of UK origin and add a statement to your invoices so they become duty free under the EU/UK trade agreement. "The exporter of the products covered by this document declares that, except where otherwise clearly indicated, these products are of UK preferential origin." However i suppose it depends on who is delivering whether they decide to charge your customs duty even if your paperwork is correct. If they are not UK origin then duty may be due.
  • RE: What is the correct way of shipping DDP to Italy that allows customer to claim VAT back.

    It's a bit more complicated than that, and i would suggest specialist advice. You will need an EU EORI to be the importer into EU. Any EU country will do it doesn't have to Italy. If the goods are UK origin you can enter a statement on your invoice so no Customs duties are charged, they become O%. Add “The exporter of the products covered by this document declares that, except where otherwise clearly indicated, these products are of UK preferential origin.” Also it depends where your goods enter the EU, if you have large items and arrange the transport eg they go Dover to Calais the import is made in France and you need a French VAT number.