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  • Salary not showing with HMRC - what now?

    TLDR on scenario - HMRC do not have a record of the last salary payment from ex-employer, ex-employer says they have reported it. Appears an unresolvable stalemate. What happen now? Long version: Left employment on 7th July 23. Ex-employer pays last monthly salary 10th July in regular payroll run. Ex-employer provides paper payslip and P45. Records with HMRC show monthly salary April 23 to June 23 inclusive. July 23 payment not showing. Salary with new-employer August 23 is showing. Ex-employer states all submissions have been made and say it must be an HMRC issue. They do not appear willing to discuss further. HMRC state it is an issue the ex-employer needs to resolve. HMRC have acknowledged the employees concerned and updated their tax code to reflect projected earnings to a 1257LX. Employee will have all the info for a 23/24 tax return and the tax code update should mean tax paid is correct too. Main issue is HMRC do not and will not have July 23 salary recorded unless someone resolves the issue. Suggestion has been made that ex-employer calls HMRC to resolve, they don't see it as their issue and therefore will not call HMRC. I would appreciate some information on what happens next?