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  • RE: Pension income - Double taxation Agreement

    Sorry but this isn't entirely clear. Would Saudi Arabia have taxing rights on this income if they do under the treaty despite it not being taxable there?
  • Pension income - Double taxation Agreement

    Hello HMRC, I am non-UK tax resident (resident in Saudi Arabia) and am planning on taking a lump sum on my UK pension. I understand that as a non-UK tax resident, I remain subject to UK tax on my UK pension income. However under the double taxation treaty, Saudi Arabia have sole taxing rights on this income. Please could you confirm that this is the case? I understand that Saudi Arabia have no income tax and therefore I am unsure if they can have taxing rights? Would a DT individual need to be submitted? thank you
  • RE: Saving account interest from Indian bank account(NRE)

    Hello, I understand that the 15% tax sparing relief is the maximum notional credit that can be claimed. Is my understanding correct that if an individual has an NRE account which is not taxable in India, the tax sparing relief would be the lower of 15% and the Indian tax payable under their India domestic rules for non-resident individuals? Kind regards Dhruv
  • Overlap relief on death

    My sole trade year end is 30 April. If I had overlap profits of £100k and died on 31 December, would my executors be able to claim the full overlap relief against my self employment profits from 1 May to 31 December? Or can they only claim a proportion?