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  • split year , Oversea income

    Hi , I would like to apply a split year treatment for 2023 -2024, but i'm not sure what is the start date in my case ? 31 July,2023? 1. I arrived UK on 10-Jun-2023 with my family, 2. in period of 10-Jun-2023 - 30-Jun-2023. I'm in holiday, and I living in my firend's house and looking for house, but not working at all. 3. starting from 1 July, 2023, I back to work and finish my job remotely (WFH) for my hong hong employer. 4. my new rental started on 31-July, 2023. Thanks & B.rdgs
  • Banking cash reward program

    I participated in a banking promotion program which is the bank will grant a cash reward (about GBP550) to my bank account when I upgrade my bank account to Premier account. The reward is not an interest and only one-off. May I know is this "cash reward" taxable?
  • Capital Gains on different exchange rate

    If  I would like to transfer my wife GBP $100,000, which is purchased by HKD $900,000 few months ago, and she would like to sell the GBP $100,000 and convert it into HKD $950,000. So is my wife need to pay the capital gain or not?
  • Capital Gains and Interest tax

    Hi, I'm planning to transfer certain amount money to my wife from my oversea bank account, let say GBP$100,000, and she will get the interest from the oversea bank in coming year. so i would like to clarify, 1. is there any capital gain tax we need to pay when transfer money between me and my wife? and we are living together in UK. 2. how about the "Interest" she earn from this "$GBP100,000" in coming year ? is me to pay for the tax for this "interest" or my wife?