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  • EV Charger VAT-free installation for Motobility customer

    One of our customers is entitled to the motobility allowance and would like a new EV charger to replace his current one. He says that the motobility should quality him for a VAT free installation. Can you please confirm this. Note: He is not having any other works, such as solar panels, as he already has these installed.
  • RE: VAT on solar installs as a subcontractor

    Just to be clear then, as a sub-contractor being hired by a main contractor firm (not a private individual in their home) if we are delivering energy saving materials (specifically solar panels) to an existing residential property is VAT 20% or zero rated. I understand that it will be reverse charge as a sub-contractor but unclear on the rate of installing to an existing property if we are hired by the contractor not the homeowner.
  • VAT on solar installs as a subcontractor

    We are a sub-contractor providing solar panel installations to main contractors and the properties are domestic. Can you let me know the VAT treatment for domestic new build properties and existing domestic premises. I am assuming it's 20% VAT (reverse charge) for commercial type properties. Are there are scenarios where it will be zero-rated when we are billing a contractor? And if VAT is applicable, is it always reverse charge if the contractor is in the Construction Industry. Thanks..
  • RE: Zero rate of VAT for solar panel products

    We install solar panels/batteries in England and follow advice to charge 20% for commercial or stand-alone batteries and 0% for domestic solar pv installations. What is the VAT treatment for a charity, for example installing on a local village hall which has charity status? Is this also 20%. Are there any non-domestic settings where 0% may be applicable? Thanks.