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  • Claiming CIS after Ltd Company closed

    Our Ltd Company is closing down shortly. How will I go about claiming back the CIS suffered in this tax year?
  • Contact email for submissions

    We have two companies set up on basic tools, one which has only just started running payroll and one which will be closing down in a few months. When I sent an EPS for the new company I noticed the confirmation statement come through the old company email address. This doesn't seem correct as the two companies are separate and have different emails. Plus the old email will also be closing down soon. I would appreciate you letting me know if this is how it's setup and whether it can be changed, even if only at the point we wind up company 1. Thanks
  • RE: Zero rate of VAT for solar panel products

    We install solar panels/batteries in England and follow advice to charge 20% for commercial or stand-alone batteries and 0% for domestic solar pv installations. What is the VAT treatment for a charity, for example installing on a local village hall which has charity status? Is this also 20%. Are there any non-domestic settings where 0% may be applicable? Thanks.
  • How long does CIS setup take?

    About 3 weeks ago I sent off the online form to register our company as a sub-contractor. I have since applied for payroll and also to pay subcontractors. The PAYE/paying subcontractors bit is being set up and I can view the date it should be setup by. However, the paper form that I had to post off when applying to register our company for CIS gave no indication as to how I could chase it up. I sent to form to PT Operations, BX9 1BX. Any idea what the timescales are?
  • VAT on commercial solar panel with battery installations

    Can you please confirm the VAT rate for solar panel installations with batteries on commercial properties.