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  • Tax return not accepted because Foreign Pages missing?

    In her 2021/22 tax return, my wife reported on page TR3 untaxed foreign interest of £4, foreign dividends of £208 and tax taken off foreign dividends of £75. All these were under £2000 so she assumed that it could be reported on page TR3. She now received a letter from HMRC stating "We cannot accept this tax return because you did not send us the Foreign supplementary page". While she is happy to send in the completed Foreign pages as requested, we are wondering why there is an option to report Foreign dividend and interest income on Page TR3 (which specifically states for box 6 "Do not include this amount in the Foreign pages"? Please explain
  • Sterling exchange rates for 1986

    I purchased a parcel of land in Germany in 1986, which I am now selling. To work out Capital Gains I would require the prevailing exchange rate for 1986 (to convert the cost of purchase to GBP). Where can I find the DM/GBP exchange rate? Thanks