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  • Self-assessment with Marriage Allownace Transfer

    Hi HMRC, I'm using commercial software to submit Self-assessment for 2022-2023. I've lower income than my wife in year 2022-23 and there will be a Marriage Allowance of GBP 1260 to be transferred to wife as stated in the calculation. May I ask, 1. Do I have to apply for the Marriage Allowance online first, before I submit my self-assessment SA100? 2. Does my wife need to apply the same (she has higher income than me)? 3. Does my wife need to state this allowance of GBP 1260 in her self-assessment? If so, may I know which section box to fill in? Best Regards
  • RE: Capital Gain Tax on Overesesa Property

    Hi HMRC, Thank you for the reply. I refer to the Capital Gain Tax Summary Notes for 2022-23, Page CGN1, [You do not need to fill in the ‘Capital Gains Tax summary’ pages if you only sell or dispose of: ..... your main home, if you qualify for Private Residence Relief on the full amount of the gain] Does it mean no need to declare in the self-assessment? If I need to declare in the SA108, as the property is equally owned by my wife and myself, should I fill in 50% of the cost and selling value of the property? Best Regards
  • Capital Gain Tax on Overesesa Property

    Hi HMRC, My wife and I arrived UK on 31 Jul 2022 with BNO visa. We owned a residential property in Hong Kong, which was our only home before moved to UK. We sold the property with transaction completed on 13 Sep 2022. Through the HMRC online test, we are entitled for full Private Residence Relief. May I ask, 1. is this test applied to overseas property? 2, do we have to file the capital gain in the Self-assessment? Best Regards
  • Split Year Treatment

    Hi HMRC, I found the split year treament has to be applied with paper submission only. Can I make the self assessment online, while the split year application by paper separately? Or I have to do both together by paper submission ? Many Thanks