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  • Self Assessment Question -Adjustments to tax due

    Hello, On the section 'adjustments to tax due' , how do I know if I should make any adjustments to increase or decrease my tax due for 6 April 2022 to 5 April 2023? Is this only if I know that I owe (increase my tax) or I am owed (decrease my tax) by a specific amount? I am not aware of any adjustments that have to be made, since so far I have been contacted by HMRC for tax I was owed only.
  • Self Assessment-Underpaid tax included in PAYE coding

    Hi, On the self-assessment 'Underpaid tax included in PAYE coding' section, it says 'If you pay tax under PAYE, your 6 April 2022 to 5 April 2023 tax code may have been adjusted to collect tax you owe for earlier years. Look at your 6 April 2022 to 5 April 2023 PAYE Coding Notice (P2). If it includes an 'amount of underpaid tax for earlier years' then put this amount in the box above. If this section does not apply to you, enter a zero in the box. ' Is the document 'your tax code notice' same as the 'PAYE Coding Notice (P2)? I only have received 'your tax code notice' documents, the latest dated on July 5, 2022. There is a section in this document 'estimated tax you owe (this year)' as £258.34, I have not received any other documents stating 'amount of underpaid tax for earlier years'. Do I answer £0 in this question or £258.34? Or is there a different document I should have received which states the correct amount?
  • Self Assessment Question-Entering Interest Taxed or Untaxed?

    Hello, I receive an interest every month on my savings bank account. When declaring this for the self assessment that I am submitting before the end of January 2024, I would like to confirm if: - I am only declaring this amount for the period 6 April 2022 to 5 April 2023? -Do I enter this under the taxed interest section or the untaxed interest section?
  • Self Assessment Question on Employment benefits and expenses

    Hi, I do not have the P11D form from my previous employer to answer the question on employment benefits and expenses. However I know the only taxable benefit I had was private medical insurance. I don't know how much this was and an amount has already been pre-populated in the form for me. Is this sufficient or is there anywhere else I should look up to fill in this information accurately?
  • Self Assessment Question on pay from previous employer

    Hi, there is a question on my self assessment form regarding my pay from previous employer which I am not sure how to answer: 'Pay from [PREVIOUS EMPLOYER NAME] - total from your P45 or P60. Enter the amount before tax taken off'. I left my previous employer in May 2022 and started a new job in May 2022 as well. I don't have a P45, only a P60 dated April 2022. When filling in my self assessment, this amount was already automatically pre-populated as around £X K, whereas in my April 2022 P60 I have completely different amounts in the section in 'this employment:' £YY K as 'Pay' and £Z K as 'Tax Deducted'. The £Z K amount is much closer to the pre-populated amount, whereas the £YY K amount is about 8 times the pre-populated amount. Which amount do I use here? The pre-populated amount £X K, or the £YY K or £Z K amounts from the 2022 P60 form?
  • Self Assessment Question on Capital Losses

    Hi, On the self assessment question 'have you made any income tax losses in the year 2022-2023'-how would I know if I have made any income tax losses? I changed employer in May 2022 and had not received any P45, I only have a P60 from April 2022, a P60 from April 2023 and a P11D form from July 2023. Thanks, 
  • Self Assessment Question on Dividends

    Hello, on the question 'Did you receive any dividends, for example, from UK companies, authorised unit trusts, open-ended investment companies, foreign companies (up to £2,000)?': I only have one employer, who gives all employees a bonus (the stakeholder dividend) every quarter, which varies depending on company profits and for me it was less than £2000 this year. Should I declare this, or is this referring to external companies other than your employer?