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  • RE: Foreign Tax Credit Relief

    Thanks a lot. If the US\China shares (and their dividends) were deducted by corresponding US\China withholding tax while HK shares(and their dividends) has no tax deduction, What is the correct input into the system? 1) Separate each country of share/dividend to different income source by country 2) or They have to group together (how to input the tax relief in this case)
  • Error message shown in system

    Hello, I have an error shown in the system "As I have already made three attempts to match your Recipient details, you cannot select to transfer your Marriage allowance on this return." Can I know how to add the "Marriage allowance" back on my 2022-23 tax return? And, what is the meaning of "Delete your entire tax return" at the bottom of 1st page? If I choose it, does it mean that I cannot submit the tax return online for 2022-23? Is there a way to clear all entries and to fill the return from the 1st page? Thank you.
  • RE: Government Bond Interest

    Hello, Thanks for your reply. Currently I'm having the government bond (from non-UK government) and not yet sell it. I have interest received from the bond. Is the received interest reported as "foreign income"? Thank you.
  • Foreign Tax Credit Relief

    Hello, I have capital gains of listed shares (US shares, Canada shares and Hong Kong shares) from Hong Kong, where Double Taxation Agreement is applied. When I report the self-assessment, if I claim the foreign tax credit relief, should the country of these gains be "Hong Kong" and group the listed shares under same country for the relief claim? ie. line 1: Hong Kong - HK shares (to enter the tax % charged for HK shares) line 2: Hong Kong - US shares (to enter the tax % of charged for US shares) line 3: Hong Kong - Canada shares (to enter the tax % charged for Canada shares) Is it correct? Thanks.
  • Regular transfers from husband

    Hello, What if my husband bank transfers a certain amount to my bank for household expenses every month, does this deposit in my account treat as income? Do I need to report in self-assessment? Thank you.
  • Government Bond Interest

    Hello, I had received interest from a government bond, is the interest treated as "taxed interest" when I report the self-assessment? Thanks, Karen
  • RE: Transaction fees in stock transactions

    Hi, Thanks for your reply. How about the commission fees charged for dividends received? Can the commission fees be set against any gains arising? Thank you.
  • Transaction fees in stock transactions

    Hello, I have US stock transactions. Tax and transaction fees are charged for all transactions. Can I know how to handle the transaction fees when reporting the self assessment tax return? Thank you, Karen
  • RE: Foreign Insurance Policy

    Hello, Thanks to confirm that a loss is not required to report (total premiums amount paid is larger than total surrender amount received for a part surrender. If there's an dividend received for the part surrender, do I need to report this amount? Can this dividend be set off against the loss? And, which Box on the tax return SA108 to report the dividend if needed? Thank you.
  • Foreign Insurance Policy

    Hello, I have a part surrender of a life policy. The total surrender amount received is less than the total premium amount being paid, is it treated as "no gain". If yes, do I need to report this "no gain"? Thank you, Karen