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  • Zero hours contract - significantly more pay in a month

    I have a zero hours contract. If I earn significantly more in a month than I typically earn, could HMRC assume that I am earning over 50k/year and tax me accordingly? Trying to avoid messing up my tax code and keep paying more even if I'm no longer earning the same amount. I don't have to submit all my shifts in the same month, so would it make sense to submit some in one month and add some to the next one (when I know I'll be earning much less)? Also, I'm not sure how it's calculated – if my pay day rate is 180£ (inclusive of holidays), but I always get 157,15£ per day on my payslip before tax (because of holidays), which amount should I use for the 50k calculation? What’s the maximum per month I can earn before being taxed above 50k?