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  • RE: New Alcohol Duty System

    Hi. This tells me what the change is in value and explains new tax codes will be introduced. It doesn't help me explain how those tax types will sit in a product? At present the duty is calculated by tax code which is derived by HS code. With no new HS codes I'm not sure how I can associate the tax code to the product. Sorry, I must have something wrong?
  • New Alcohol Duty System

    Hi All, With the 1st August approaching fast I'm trying to ascertain how this new tax group for product between 8.5% and 22% will be set up in the New alcohol duty system? If it is a new set of HS codes then it's just a data set up program for us, we have a direct one to one relationship. IE one product code holds one HS code. Each HS code has one tax type. We can't have one HS code could be this tax type or that one. If the solution is something else then I will need development, but I don't know what that is? Anybody know?