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  • Averaging for creators of literary or artistic works question

    Hi - I was hoping to claim income averaging for creators of literary or artistic works for this past tax year (2021-2022), but I noticed looking at the HMRC guidelines that it says "You cannot claim if your business started or ended in 2020-2021 or 2021-2022." I am a writer, and have been working on my current book since long before 2020, but I only officially registered as self-employed and completed Self-Assessment for the first time in the tax year 2020-2021, as that was when I first began to see profits. Does this mean that the date my business 'started' will be counted as 2020-2021, and I will not be able to claim income averaging this year? If so, that is very disheartening, as I thought this was exactly the situation for which the averaging relief was designed - for people who may work on an artistic project for several years without any payment and only see profit at the end...
  • What category does a literary agent's commission fall under?

    Hi - I received a book advance earlier this year, from which my literary agent took a commission. What category of business expense would this commission fall under?
  • What category does a new laptop fall under?

    Hi - I am a freelancer and recently purchased a new laptop. By my calculations, I use it at least 50% of the time for business, and the rest of the time for personal use, so I am hoping to claim 50% of its cost as a business expense - is this allowable? And if so, what category of expense would this fall under?