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  • RE: Tax Code Update

    Thank you Fehmi Emre Kadan I used your suggestion and got through on Web Chat in under 1 minute, a lot better than trying to ring when there is always at least 40 minutes wait. As you say HMRC should make it a lot clearer how to speak to an advisor by Web Chat but then I suppose it would get busier then and take much longer then a minute to get through.
  • RE: Tax Code Update

    I also need to get my tax code changed so used the link provided above to do this by webchat. But all I got was "You are currently chatting with a computer." and did not get to talk with a real adviser. The computer chat directed me to my personal tax account but I did not get to chat to a real adviser. Can you tell me how to chat to a real advisor please?
  • Removing income through Personal Tax Account

    Last tax year I received some Unit Trust Dividends and Other Income (loyalty bonus) but they both ended last tax year. This tax year 2023/24 my Personal Tax Account is showing an estimate for both of these so I went through the link to remove them and completed the forms stating the amount this year as £0 and providing the date the income ended last tax year. The Progress of these forms is showing as Complete but the estimated Unit Trust Dividends and Other Income are still showing and have not been removed. I have actually done this procedure twice now, once in May 2023 and then as nothing happend again at the start of November. Can you tell me when these incomes will be removed please and why they are not removed as soon as the forms have been processed?
  • Reporting Unit Trust Dividends in Personal Tax Account

    I provided an estimate of my Unit Trust Dividends in my Personal Tax Account for 2022/23. I have now received the tax certificates for those dividends so now know the actual amount which is different from the estimate. I logged in to my Personal Tax Account to updated the Unit Trust Dividends for 2022/23 with the actual amount but can not find where to do this. Can you tell me how I can now provide the actual figure for Unit Trust Dividends in my Personal Tax Account for 2022/23 please.