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    I have been approached by a recruitment company for outsourced payroll services. The recruitment agency not registered with HMRC for payroll services. My company is registered for payroll services - how do I go ahead in accepting the contract? Do I have to use my payee reference to process their payslips even though I am not the one employing the staff? How do I process payroll for agency staff paid through an umbrella company?
  • Dividend on Self-assessment

    A company year ends on September 23 and a director takes interim dividend on March 23. Which tax year should dividend be declared on Self assessment? Is it 2022/23 or 2023/24 tax year?
  • SA Director's Remuneration

    A director got paid by his company on 2022/23 tax year but the pay was not accounted for through payroll - can this be declared on self assessment tax return or if not, which is the best way to declare the pay taking into account the time that has elapsed since april 2023
  • Business VAT

    A Business get paid invoices inclusive of VAT - at the same time the Business pays subcontractor who are not VAT registered. How should the Business VAT be accounted for? Should the business deduct subcontractors' invoice, then account for VAT on the Balance or the VAT Returns will be based on the gross received by the Business?
  • Unsubmitted Overdue VAT

    A sole trader registered for VAT on 2020 - forgot to submit VAT Returns and at the same time did not charge VAT as per the invoice issued. How can this issue be addressed noting that all VAT are showing as overdue? Can the overdue VAT be submitted as zero to bring the account update or not? Thanks.