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  • Voluntary Class 3 Contributions Declare?

    Hi, I would be must greatful if you could help me. Last year I made small Voluntary Class 3 contribution to fill a gap in my contributions record. Is this something I should declare in my Self assessment Tax return? Thanks!
  • RE: Split year treatment

    Hi, I'm an EU citizen and I left the UK halfway through the year and I'm classed as UK Resident for tax year 2021-22. From 01/01/2022 I'm also tax resident in my new country. I have already reviewed the rules and understand I am qualified for the split year treatment. My question is, in the SA109 form, in box number 16 (and 17), should I tick that box ? Would that section apply to me if I'm considered uk resident? Thanks! Luis
  • Split Year treatment

    Hi, After 8 years living and working in the UK, I left the UK last year at the end of August and I became Tax resident in another country by the 01 Jan 2022. I would like to claim Split year treatment for this year’s Self Assesment. I think CASE 1 (starting full-time overseas) and CASE 3 (ceasing to have a home in UK), applies to me. I’ve been looking through the notes for SA109 and I have a doubt regarding Box 40. I would most grateful if you could help me: In the notes says that (I quote): ‘BOX 3.1 : Put ‘X’ in box 3.1 if you think that more than one case of split year treatment applies for the 2021 to 2022 tax year. Give details of which cases apply to you in the ‘Any other information’ box, box 40, starting on page RR 3. ‘ Which info should I add exactly into Box 40? Should I state ‘just the NAME of the cases’ (e.g. CASE 1 and CASE 3 applies to me), of should I put all the set of calculations, etc… I had to make to work out for instance, Case 1 - starting full-time overseas)? Thank you. Best regards,