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  • RE: does cost of shares include dividend reinvestment amount

    Shouldn't the dividends, even though reinvested, been subject to Dividend tax in the previous years?
  • RE: CGT on fathers property

    A Politician is currently in the news for something similar :) Once you are married you are deemed as having only one primary residence for tax purposes, even if you were living apart and regardless of who owns it. therefore your husbands house is now your primary residence and the one you can sell "CGT free", you will have to pay CGT on the profit from "your" house.
  • RE: CGT due on SAYE scheme

    to go back to the Original question, isn't the answer as follows: You paid in 18k and now receive shares worth 45k (to make this easy we assume they are now worth £100 each, so you get 450 shares). Therefore your acquisition cost per share is 18,000/450 = £40 You put 200 of these shares into an ISA. You are left with 250 Shares. For each of these shares you have made £100-£40 = £60 gain. Your total gain for CGT is 250*60 = £15,000, you deduct the 6k allowance and pay CGT on £9,000
  • Business mileage for private car if you have company car

    We have a salary sacrifice scheme through which we can get EVs, HMRC has clarified that they are to be treated as Business Cars and hence the AER is 9p/mile. For people that rely on charging on public chargers or for long journeys where you charge at least once on a public charger this means people are left effectively out of pocket for every journey. (9p/mile is about 30p/kwh, but chargers are now between 0.70 and 0.85/kwh) The question is: if you also have a private car can you use that and claim for business mileage? Or can you rent a car and claim for the rental cost+fuel? Or would this in both cases create a taxable benefit because you already have a company car that you should use for business trips?